For Authors

Congratulations on writing a book! I hate to inform you, that this is where the truly annoying part of the process kicks off … finding a publisher. That’s where an agent comes in handy.

I often hear the question: “what exactly does an agent do?” The answer, besides drinking too much coffee, is we act as an author’s representative. Publishers get a truly mind boggling number of manuscripts dropped on their expensive desks … far too many for one human and a few unpaid interns to read.

Publishers like agents because we act like filters for their desks. Our reputations are built on how well we filter our clients to their needs. That’s how an agent can get your book on a publisher’s desk.

A good agent (that’s me) will not ask an author for money up front. I get paid a percentage of your royalties and advance … I don’t get paid unless you get paid.

For Publishers

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For Everyone Else

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